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"World's Greatest Elk
Hunting Secret"

Reyne Roman winner of the 2012 Elk Master of the Year award.
Beautiful 6X6 New Mexico Bull harvested
"Sexy Cow Call"

"Believe me, the "Sexy Cow Call" works.  I am the type of hunter that is always looking for an edge to get these bulls to come in and I believe I have found it with the "Sexy Cow Call".  It works!   Thanks again Jerry!" read more..
Reyne Roman,
ElkGuyds Big Game Hunting Service

To read the whole story of  Reyne Roman's 2011 outstanding Bull season using the "Sexy Cow Call" click here..

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Here are some of the lesson you will find on

1. Learning the "Sexy Cow Call"
2. How to make the "Bulls Calls"
3. How to make the "Cow Calls
4. How to use the other calls on  the market.
5. Top Secret lessons on "Strategies,and Technique" with the calls.
6. Homemade Mega Grunt Tube the Pro's use for $4.
7. Secret Scouting method you should be using.
8. Other "Top Secret Lessons"
9. The one technique you need to over come "Bull Fever".

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2012 Bull's

2012 Nice Bull taken with
the "Sexy Cow Call". New Mexico.

 Renee came through again with a really nice bull taken in New Mexico with the "Sexy Cow Call".

The Top Secret Elk Call the "Sexy Cow Call™ for Elk Calling "

 The World's Greatest Elk Call, the "Sexy Cow Call™" is the number one choice for calling in the elk of a Lifetime. The "Sexy Cow Call™" is the first mating call of the Cow Elk ever produced and brought to market. It is a very unique sound that the elk makes during the rut, it is not the estrus whine that some people are teaching. It can only be found right here at Calling No one is teaching this calling technique! It was first introduced in "Bow and Arrow" magazine in the 1980's. When itBob Purser 2012 New Mexico Bull! Elk Master! comes to calling in the big Bull Elk of a Lifetime, it takes the right elk calls (Bull Elk Bugles, grunts and chuckles, Cow elk calls, mews, whines, calf calls, etc. ), timing and technique. The "Sexy Cow Call™" Elk Call is the call that gives you the edge needed to become a successful  Elk Hunter, year after year. If I could only use ONE elk call for calling in elk, there would be no doubt, it would be  the "SEXY COW CALL™". 

"The "Sexy Cow Call™" is truly the world's greatest elk call for calling elk and the "World's Greatest Elk Hunting Secret™". Don't be fooled by the imitations that are out there." Evn Hunter

This is the original "Sexy Cow Call™". NO ONE, is teaching this calling technique! If you want to be a successful elk hunter. You need the "Sexy Cow Call™", calling elk has never been easier!  If you answer NO to any of the following questions, you may want to consider getting this information, and become the newest member of the Elk Master Club.

  Do you have The World's' Greatest Elk Call?   
•  Do you have 100% confidence you will call an elk in this year? 
Do you know what calls to make,  and how to use them?  

Do you know when to call and when to shut up?  

•  Do you have 100% confidence you will harvest an elk this year? 

Do you know the best method for pre-scouting, that is free to you? 

Do you have a system for hunting elk in the rut, that works?

If you answered NO to any of the questions above then you really need to consider getting my MP3 and becoming the newest "Lifetime Member", in the best Elk Calling Club on the planet. You can hire a guide and pay thousands of dollars if you want, or you can learn the best elk call ever, and learn that calling elk is not hard with the Sexy Cow Call™.  This is worth every dollar I am asking. This is the World's "BEST Elk Call" for calling elk, bar none.  Besides, I am not giving this secret away, this is to good to give away. In September of 2012 we called up over 20 elk in New Mexico in 6 days. Caught 7 on video with several really nice 6 point bulls in the 350+ class. The elk hunt in New Mexico in 2010 resulted in successfully calling in seven nice bulls within bow and camera range.  There is nothing that works better than the "Sexy Cow Call", make yourself a believer.