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Reyne Roman winner of the 2012 Elk Master of the Year award.
Beautiful 6X6 New Mexico Bull harvested
"Sexy Cow Call"

"Believe me, the "Sexy Cow Call" works.  I am the type of hunter that is always looking for an edge to get these bulls to come in and I believe I have found it with the "Sexy Cow Call".  It works!   Thanks again Jerry!" read more..
Reyne Roman,
ElkGuyds Big Game Hunting Service

To read the whole story of  Reyne Roman's 2011 outstanding Bull season using the "Sexy Cow Call" click here..

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     2014 Bulls
  Hank Perryman's
first Bull taken with the
 "Sexy Cow Call"

Called him in using the sexy cow call. Read Hank's entire story
click here...


2012 Bull's

2012 Nice Bull taken with
the "Sexy Cow Call". New Mexico.

  Really nice bull taken in New Mexico with the "Sexy Cow Call".

The "Sexy Cow Call™ is the "World's Greatest Elk Call"
It is also the "World's Greatest Elk Hunting Secret" bar none. is home to the best elk club on the planet. In fact; it is so exclusive you can no longer join this prestigious club. The membership enrollment for this club is over.  The "Sexy Cow Call™" is the first mating call of the Cow Elk ever produced and brought to market. It is a very unique sound that the elk makes during the rut, it is not the estrus whine that some people are teaching. It was only found right here at Calling It was first introduced in "Bow and Arrow" magazine in the 1980's. When itBob Purser 2012 New Mexico Bull! Elk Master! comes to calling in the big Bull Elk of a Lifetime, it takes the right elk calls (Bull Elk Bugles, grunts and chuckles, Cow elk calls, mews, whines, calf calls, etc. ), timing and technique.

The "Sexy Cow Call™" Elk Call is the call that works like no other call on the face of this planet. The only way you can now experience the "World's Greatest Elk Hunting Secret" is to book me "Jerry" to come and call for you. I invented this call in the 1980's and perfected the technique and the calling strategy that goes with it over the last 30 plus years

If you were to put me on the spot and tell me I could only use ONE elk call for calling in elk, there would be no doubt, it would be  the "SEXY COW CALL™". 

Book Jerry Now to Call for You.

"The "Sexy Cow Call™" is truly the world's greatest elk call for calling elk and the "World's Greatest Elk Hunting Secret™". Don't be fooled by the imitations that are out there." Evn Hunter

The original "Sexy Cow Call™" was first marketed as a double reed diaphragm with a cassette tape teaching how to make the "Sexy Cow Call" sound and the technique that goes with it.  NO ONE, is teaching this calling technique, so for that reason I have decided to STOP all membership to this site FOREVER. I decided it was in the best interest to keep this a secret. If you want to have a successful elk hunt you need to have an Edge and that will provide that success, you need the  "Sexy Cow Call™" and it's inventor the "Elk Master"  to call for you.


If you have struggled for year to call in and harvest an elk, then now is the time to concider changing your tactics and approach. Not only will you have me as your personl guide but you will walk away with the experience and education of a lifetime.  You really need to consider booking me for your next elk hunt as your own personal elk caller. There is nothing that works better than the "Sexy Cow Call", make yourself a believer.

"Order Jerry's New Elk Call MP3's for your Electronic Elk Caller or Download for Great Ringtones that can be played on you Smart phone! Order Today! This is the next best thing, it's like Jerry is there calling for you.  learn more click here..."

The "Sexy Cow Call™" is truly the "World's Greatest Elk Hunting Secret™" for calling in elk.  I have a few opening for this year, booking space is limited.     Book Jerry For You Next Hunt Now.
The Sexy Cow Call™ and my elk calling
strategy that goes with it gives me the edge and confidence for calling in elk, year after year. My elk hunting buddies started calling me the "Elk Master" back in the "80's" and the name stuck.

I Learned the Formula To Call in Elk Consistently: "E=MC" 
 Booking Space is Limited! Book Now!

What you get when you book me is my personal guarantee that I will give you 110% above and beyond what you could ever expect. Experience comes with a price, you get what you pay for.  Booking rates start at $500 per day ( 3 day minimum) plus trophy fee. Trophy fee is a harvested antlered elk 5 point or better called in by me.

See Rates and Trophy Fees

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the "World's Greatest Elk Call" at your disposal. We can not guarantee that you will  harvest an elk, for the simple reason, I will not be the one shooting the arrow or pulling the trigger. I have had clients  miss elk at 6 feet, so for that reason I Will not guarantee an Elk Kill.

Space is limited so book today.

Looking forward to sharing the elk adventure of a Lifetime and a campfire with you,

Jerry Shockley, Elk Master 

Warning! This Cow Elk Call is dangerous! You must watch-out for Large Bull Elk running you over. Consider yourself warned!
 Book Jerry Now to Call for You.

**Please note: The membership portion of this site is GONE FOREVER, the best kept secret for hunting elk will remain a Secret! Existing members will have access for one more year, after that all access will be terminated. See Term of Use page.


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